Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Professors

The author’s purpose of “What Our Research Shows” is to inform the readers of his stance on this topic. He believes that single sex education is not superior to co-ed education. He believes that single sex classrooms promote sexism and being stereotypical.  He says that “Single-sex education fails to produce academic benefits and inflates gender stereotyping.” I know this is reliable because this came from the New York Times online newspaper and the author (Richard Fabes) is a Professor of Child Development at the School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University.  I do not think there is any slants in this article because he is able to back up his information but I do think it is some what opinionated because he is responding to an article that he read. So he is backing up his side with facts as well as opinion.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages to Single- Sex Schools

The website called Hub Pages has a reliable article called Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Sex Education. The viewpoint of this article is that there are really big advantages to single-sex schools but there are still some disadvantages as well. The authors purpose is to mainly help people figure out if single-sex schools are good for their children. The author shows this with facts and links to help the audience understand the concept more.

The first text feature I noticed was the links to different articles at the bottom of some of the paragraphs. Looking at these articles I found out that this was the authors way of citing their sources. This way people can double check what they are reading. There were pictures as well that showed single-sex classrooms and the learning environment of single-sex schools.

One important fact in this article I found, that wasn't broadcasted well, was the mentioning of government and budget cuts. This is very interesting and important because the school budgets are very low in some places and by having single-sex classrooms or schools can cost more money then some may think. The government also plays a big role because they have to confirm the schools decisions in changing the way the school teaches as well.

Also, at the very end of the article theres a subtitle which reads Updates. This is important to notice because this means the author is looking for feedback. This shows that data is consistantly changing and so is this article. That way the article is up to date and very clear. Finally, I believe that this would be a very helpful article to anyone deciding between single-sex schools and co-ed schools.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Benifits of a Co-Educational enviornment

The research done by Ridley College is about the benefits of a co-educational environment. The viewpoint of this article is that people should choose co-ed schools instead of single-sex. The purpose of the article is to inform and persuade the readers that their research and data they have is correct and very much true. They show this with many text features like pictures, graphs and tables.

The tables and graphs in the research are very thorough and detailed. They get to the point and tell people the exact data of both independent, and public schools. Along with these graphs they include statistics from their research like "students at independent co-ed schools overwhelmingly agree (88%) that they believe their school is a safe environment for all students." Using facts like these make this site look very professional and clean.

The tone of this article is very calm and considerate. I know this because the research starts off with the statement "Choosing the right school for your child is a complex decision" then it continues to ask questions such as "What type of learning environment will offer my child high educational standards?" This cause effect stucture makes me think that they are relating to the readers and giving them a real life scenario.

At the end of all the research is an entire page dedicated to citing and explain where they got their data from. This shows that the article was put together well, with lots of details and facts that support these people's opinions. In conclusion, this article would be very helpful to people who are deciding between coed and single-sex schools. This is because the article gives strong facts and data for someone who wants to know if coed schools are good for their kids. This is definitely a great article to use for anyone interested.

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Single Sex Classroom/Schools

The authors purpose for writing this non bias article Do Boys, Girls Learn Better Separately? was to inform readers of the pros and cons of having single sex classrooms/schools. The authors view point on this topic is that they somewhat help test scores but its very hard right now for researchers to tell if it’s because of the same sex classes or just because. The article includes quotes from the kids, the teachers and researchers about how this change makes them feel and if they think it’s changing anything at all. One eighth grader said, "We can just act like ourselves" this makes me think that she likes having a class with just girls and it helps. Where as Sims said, "I cannot say single-gender schooling makes or breaks the learning" showing a different side that maybe it doesn’t really change much. Because the author shows conflicting evidence by showing pros and cons the article is unbiased, making more useful to everyone. I know this is a reliable source because it has a copyright date that was not to long ago, a phone number of the author and who the author’s employer is.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Single-Sex Schools

The National Association For Single-Sex Public Education's website is about the many advantages to single-sex schools. The purpose of most of the article Single-Sex Education is to inform the readers of the advantages of single-sex education. The rest of the article uses persuasive methods such as words with strong connotation like, misunderstood, good, and extraordinary to make you feel single-sex education is better.

The viewpoint of Single-Sex Education is not only that single-sex schools and classes are better for kids understanding but also that the learning and development is different according to gender. The text features on the site lead me to think this site is very professional. One picture in particular, is a link to a peer reviewed journal about Advances in Gender and Education edited by Margaret M. Ferrara Ph.D. Its important to consider the editor/writer because there credentials may not meet the best standers to have an "opinion" about certain topics.

The copyright date of this article is 2011. This is important to know because if the copyright was in the 1990's the data and statistics would not be up to date and not as reliable. The next thing I noticed was the lack of conflicting evidence in the article. It says a few words of the pros and cons but doesn't go into the cons in depth. This makes the article seem slanted and biased toward single-sex education. People need to see these slants and biased information so they aren't missing the other sides. in conclusion this article would be very helpful to people who are deciding between single-sex schools and coed schools. But they might want to find one more article mainly about coed schools.